Elect Hrobowski Houston for Fulton County Superior Court Judge

Elect Hrobowski Houston for Fulton County Superior Court JudgeElect Hrobowski Houston for Fulton County Superior Court Judge


"Fulton County deserves a Judge that has the experience and work ethic to make intelligent decisions in an efficient manner.  I am that Judge and I will do the work and do it well!" - Tamika Hrobowski-Houston


The judge who will do the work and do it well.

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My name is Tamika Hrobowski-Houston, and I am delighted to introduce myself to you as a judicial candidate for the Fulton County Superior Court.

I am pursuing an open judicial seat on the Fulton County Superior Court bench. I believe that the citizens of Fulton County deserve judges that have the experience, work ethic, and temperament to make intelligent and legally sound decisions in an efficient and effective manner.  I also believe that I am a Judge that the residents of Fulton County deserve to have on the Superior Court bench.

My introduction to the judicial system was one that left much to be desired. I witnessed, like many have, several delays in justice, and outright injustices, watching friends and family members navigate the judicial system in one way or another.  Encouraged by my first observations, I became an attorney because  I wanted to experience the satisfaction of actually helping people with their legal issues at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives and in the process, leave them better off than when I met them. 

I attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and had a minor in Criminal Justice.  Three years later, I received my Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  I began my legal career as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and throughout the approximately twenty-six (26) years since, I have subsequently held various positions including federal government agency counsel, Special Assistant United States Attorney, criminal defense attorney and solo practitioner.  My legal experience has allowed me to handle criminal and civil matters of varying levels of complexity in State courts, Federal District and Appellate courts, as well as before administrative bodies.  Additionally, I am a registered mediator for civil and domestic relations matters.   I have recently been recognized as a 2020 Georgia Super Lawyer.

In 2016, I was appointed to the role of Judicial Officer in the Fulton County Superior Court's Family Division.  As a Judicial Officer, I sit by designation as a Superior Court Judge and preside over domestic relations and Domestic Violence Court cases.  Each day since I was appointed, I have had the opportunity to do work that I actually love doing and reinforce what I came onto the bench believing wholeheartedly:  First, that people need, and are entitled, to the opportunity to be heard; Second, that the Court has a duty to give the people before them their undivided attention and; Third, that the parties, and other individuals involved in the process, deserve to be treated with respect.  

When I am not on the bench in Domestic Violence court, presiding as a Judicial Officer over domestic relations cases or handling my own cases as an attorney or mediator, I enjoy playing golf, watching football and spending time with my loved ones, as well as traveling with my husband and chasing after my fur baby, Ivy Pearl.


I pledge to bring to the Fulton County Superior Court Bench, the knowledge, temperament, deliberation and work ethic necessary to effectively and efficiently preside over the variety and volume of matters and litigants that come before the court each and every day.  I have a body of work that proves as much. 

I will do the work and I will do it well!

I humbly ask for your support in my campaign and most importantly, your VOTE!!




As a Judicial Officer and judge presiding over Domestic Violence and Temporary Protective Order matters each day, I aim to preserve civility and respect within the courtroom to the greatest extent possible. Particularly where there is a substantial risk of harm to a vulnerable litigant or child.


Over  the past four years, I have presided over thousands of domestic relations cases that involve issues of a  highly sensitive nature and parties at some of the lowest points in their lives.  On a daily basis, I am tasked with weighing the evidence presented to me, applying the proper statute and/or legal standard and making decisions that I am well aware will have an impact that goes well beyond the lives of the parties standing in front of me.    

Further, it takes time and effort off the bench to ensure that the litigants that come before me are presented with a well-informed Judge that preserves the integrity of the judicial process.


In the limited amount of time I am  away from my duties as a Judicial Officer, I represent parties and mediate cases outside of Fulton County.


When I entered private practice, my practice included criminal matters that were assigned as a result of my being on the appointed attorney list in Clayton County.  I represented these clients from arraignment through dismissal, trial or plea and was in Court approximately one to two times per week.  During my time on the appointed list, I put in substantial hours of investigatory work, legal research, motion writing, arguing and negotiating, to clear the name of, or at minimum create a "best case" scenario for, my clients.  

At the time, I was also handling probate matters, personal injury and general litigation cases, as well as real estate closings.  Subsequently, my practice evolved to where it is today and currently consists primarily of family law matters, Social Security and VA disability appeals, as well as sports and entertainment contract review and negotiation and serious injury cases.   I have recently been recognized as a 2020 Georgia Super Lawyer. 

The length and breadth of my legal and judicial experience has prepared me for the variety of issues and litigants that come before the Judges of the Fulton County Superior Court every single day.  



I  bring to the Fulton County Superior Court bench, over twenty-six (26) years of legal experience and expertise as a deputy prosecutor, federal government agency counsel, Special Assistant United States Attorney, criminal defense attorney and solo practitioner.

As a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (DPA), I was assigned to either a specialized division or a specific courtroom.  During my tenure, I was assigned to the juvenile delinquency, drug, gang and domestic violence/sexual abuse units.  I was generally, the sole prosecutor handling a caseload of felony cases that ranged from hot checks and theft to rape and capital murder.  I was first chair, usually sole DPA, on trials assigned to me and actively sought opportunities to sit second chair to assist in other trials. 

Moreover, as a prosecutor, I was assigned on a rotating basis to on-call duties where I was required to be

available to assist officers with issues including, but not limited to, probable cause determinations and search warrant reviews.  I actively sought opportunities to sit second chair on other DPA's cases to gain more experience.  DPA's were also responsible for reviewing case files assigned to their unit and making  appropriate charging  decisions.

Next, I served as an Assistant Regional Counsel with the Social Security Administration (SSA), where I prepared briefs on behalf of the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) to support Administrative Law Judges' (ALJ) disability benefit decisions.


Subsequently, I moved over to SSA's Office of the Chief Counsel to the Inspector General (OCCIG) where I was the Regional Attorney for the southeast region and part of my job was the pursuit of civil monetary penalties for fraud and misuse of SSA symbols.  Additionally, I was a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney (SAUSA) in the Western District of Tennessee, prosecuting Social Security fraud on the criminal side.  As a SAUSA, I appeared in Court approximately one week a month for grand jury, arraignments, motions, sentencing, etc.  

Throughout my legal career, I have also represented clients in administrative hearings 

related to driver’s license suspensions, child support and SSA disability benefits.  



I am a proud member of the following organizations: 

Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA):

2019 JPOA Graduate

Georgia Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL)

 Lawyers Club of Atlanta

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

One of the most virtuous things a person can do is give time, energy and financial support, to those in need.  As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.,  I participate in the various community service projects we sponsor to benefit the community including, but not limited to,  drives to collect toys, bookbags, school supplies, gift cards, food, clothing, etc..  I also participate in adopting schoolchildren and mentees to provide Christmas gifts and meet school supply and clothing needs.  

I have spoken at Breakthrough Atlanta career days and participated in their various fundraising activities.      

Additionally, I volunteer my time with other charitable organizations including, but not limited to, The Enchanted Closet and MedShare.  I have also acted as a coach and a Judge for Mock Trial teams. 

In the past, I have been a soup kitchen volunteer and performed pro bono legal work as an appointed attorney in delinquency, dependency and truancy  cases (Truancy Intervention Project ("TIP") ) in juvenile court.  

I was named "Mentor of the Year" and recognized for "Excellence in Bar Leadership" for my time as a mentor and bar association board member, respectively.  I have also been nominated for TIP's "Volunteer of the Year."  

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I know that with your support, in terms of time, contributions and, of course, your VOTE, this is possible!!  However, Campaigns can be costly, so I am also asking for your financial contributions.  Your contribution of $50, $100, $200 or whatever you choose, up to a maximum of twenty eight hundred dollars ($2,800.00), help get the word out to the residents of Fulton County that they can elect a Judge that they can count on to Do the Work and Do it Well!!  


Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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